Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

We had a wonderful Halloween this year. I wish Nyah would just say, "Mom, I would like to be a . . ." However, she isn't doing that yet. It stresses me out, trying to decide on costumes, but I made it through. Treyson was a cute little dog (thank you Maysi!) and Nyah ended up being a cute little bunny.

Nyah loved her costume. It was just a set of ears, a fluffy little tail, and a pink dress that was a couple sizes too big. She had a great time and made sure she bounced around the house for about 30 minutes before we left for the Trunk or Treat. There was a great turn out and tons of people were there. We also got to eat some delicious soup and hot donuts. And, of course, there was a LOT of candy, so Nyah was pleased.

After the Trunk or Treat, we came home, took a nap and carved our pumpkin. Nyah was NOT a fan of gutting pumpkins. She didn't really want to put her hand in the pumpkin.

It took some coaxing, but she did eventually get into it!

Okay, so no I did not really let her cut the pumpkin, but she really, really wanted to help and the carving knives we were using weren't dangerous so I let her try for a bit. She didn't accomplish much and was soon passing it back asking me to do it for her.

The finished product!

Later we went trick or treating around the neighborhood. Nyah was hilarious. She LOVES trick or treating. She talked non-stop at people's homes that we did not know and as soon as someone we knew would answer the door, she would zip her lips and be shy. At one home, a cat was outside on a car and as soon as we got to the door Nyah informed me she was going to ask the lady about her cat. And, yes she did. Jabbered continually, saying "there is a cat on your car" amidst a number of other things. Of course she was talking so fast that they couldn't understand her. By the way the cat was grey. Just in case you wanted to know. She would tell you herself, if you were here. It was interesting. She cracks me up! She also would quickly say, "Trick or Treat! Thank You!" all in one breath and often times before people would even put candy in her bucket. It is like she thinks it is all one phrase.

Here Nyah is with her dad. She was adamant that someone hold her hand as we were walking. The only time she let go was when she needed to ring the doorbell. I hope that lasts forever, but I know it won't, so I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Notice the little white tail?

Nyah made sure she had a death grip on her candy bucket. She wouldn't let anyone hold it for her. Not at the Trunk or Treat and not when we were going around our neighborhood. It got really heavy too. She would lift it up and hold it over her shoulder. She would switch hands every couple of minutes. And yet still, she wouldn't let anyone carry it for her - regardless of how many times we offered or how slow she began to walk. Finally towards the end of the night, she did let her dad carry it at the end of the evening, but it took some encouraging.

As you can see, Trey was not in love with the hood on his costume. He was pretty cute, but it was difficult to get him to hold still long enough to get him captured on film.
And finally, it only took about 5 seconds of walking into the door before Nyah was into her candy and stuffing it in her mouth.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Treyson Update

Okay, so since I have received multiple phone calls about the bump on Trey's head, I thought I would do a quick update. All is well! It took almost 2 weeks, but the donut blister thingy (technical term) did go away and it never did seem to bother him. He is still his happy little trouble maker self.

While we are on the topic of Trey, I thought I would post a few pictures of him over the past couple of months. I have been going to post these, but kept forgetting. He is definitely all boy and feels the desperate need to climb, destroy, mess up, etc. anything within his reach.

Here he is in the pantry.
And yes, I swear I try to keep the door closed.

Climbing into and standing in drawers he should not be in.
Of course after he has proceeded to empty the entire contents all over the floor.

Did I mention that he likes to make a mess?
I would also like to point out the child locks - that apparently do not work for a little man named Treyson!

Climbing up on the soap rack in the bath tub. I had left the bathroom for two minutes to hear Nyah yelling and laughing, "Mom! Treyson is climbing!" This is what I come back to. He was laughing hysterically. I told him to get down and he proceeded to climb down, sit in the water, laugh, look at me, giggle, stand back up, and try to climb up again. He has fallen in the water, but it doesn't slow him down any. He still finds it funny and I know he is doing it just to push his Mom's buttons. Dare devil Treyson.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our New Addition

Okay, this is a bit of a story, so bear with me. Last week I took the kids back to the office to show Trey's bump off to all of the Nurses. When I pulled up to the front door and got out of my car I heard this sad crying. It took me a minute to figure out what it was, but there was a small (maybe 4 week old) kitten laying in the rocks out front. She looked pretty pitiful and was very week. Her eyes were shut and she couldn't stand. Nyah was with me and immediately got excited about this kitty. Long story short, we took her inside and eventually decided to take her home and nurse her back to health.

The scariest part was trying to decide how to tell Blake. I have been threatening to get Nyah a kitty. She keeps asking for one, but Blake is not exactly a fan of cats. We had her in a box when Blake came home and I had told her that she would have to ask her dad to make sure we could keep her. As he walked in, Nyah met him at the door and began hysterically crying, "Daddy, please. Please Daddy. I want my kitty. I need my kitty. I love my kitty. Please Daddy. Please, please. Can I keep her. I want my kitty." It was quite dramatic and shocking. Almost comical, but extremely dramatic. She really turned it on to convince him she needed the kitty.

Blake of course was confused and kept looking at me saying, "What?" That was when I had to step in and explain that the box contained a cat. Of course what could he do after that? In fact, his comment to me was, "Well I can't say no, now! How mean do you think I am?" The only other comments he made were agreements - 1. He will have nothing to do with the cat. He will not feed it or take care of it. 2. The cat belongs to Nyah and Mom. It is not his cat. And 3. We are not EVER taking the cat with us when we go other places. It must stay at home. (ahhh, my husband cracks me up.)

Okay, so even longer story short - it was amazing the transformation in her as we got some milk and food into her. The first three or four days is was chaotic around our house as Nyah and Trey both screamed (in excitement) constantly. I felt like I was continually saying, "just leave the kitty alone." or "no, Trey, be soft." Nyah, be careful, you are going to hurt her." "Everyone please stop screaming." "Okay, let's try to be quite now." "Nyah, put the kitty back in the box." "Nyah, you have to let the kitty walk around on the ground." "Nyah, the kitty needs to go potty, please put her down." Yes, three days of screaming and yelling and chaos. It was sooooo fun! I was regretting my decision after the first 12 hours!

Well now, she eats solid food and is finally feeling quite at home. As you can imagine, at first she was scared of everything, but now she is usually just a purring little puff ball; even as Nyah packs her around. She is quite the character.

Nyah did finally decide on a name. Annie (after the orphan).
So meet our new addition.

And Zoe loves her too.

Nyah's Thoughts on Conference

I just wanted to share a couple of the things Nyah said during today's session of General Conference. Can I tell you? I just love my little girl.

As the two of us were sitting down to watch the Saturday morning session, Nyah exclaimed, "Mom! There's the Prophet!" as President Monson came on screen. "He's talking to us." It was so matter of fact and she smiled and said again, "Yup Mom, the Prophet's talking to us."

Later during the same session, during President Uchdorf's talk, when he was talking about people's impressions of Mormons, he mentioned singing songs about talking streams and popcorn popping on trees. After he said popcorn, Nyah began bouncing around the living room shouting "Popcorn! Popcorn! Popcorn!" over and over while making the popcorn motion with her hands. It was comical and I laughed. All of a sudden she turned to me, putting her hands up to her eyes like binoculars, and said, "Mom, can we sing the look out the window song. No, Mom, not like that. You have to look out the window first." And we sang Popcorn Popping. We finished. She giggled and sat back down next to me as I finished watching the session.

I am so grateful for Nyah. I am also grateful for amazing Nursery teachers that are helping her learn about the gospel.