Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Adventures

I can't believe that Treyson is one! Has it really been a year? My sweet little boy's big day was officially on the 21st, but Blake was gone, so we held off until Dad could come back from his hunting trip.

On Saturday the 26th, we did the cake thing - hence the mess. Nyah thought it was great. She helped me make the cake and kept wanting to sing happy birthday to him. She tried to help him blow out the candle, but he touched it and put it out too quick.

Here is the before.

And so begins the "after" . . .

And also for your viewing pleasure is a video of him waving at the camera. It cracks me up when he begins to wave and all of a sudden notices that he has chocolate all over his hands.

Later that morning we went for a ride. This was mostly for Nyah, but if you will notice Treyson loves it already. There are a couple of foals down at the corrals and we spent some time loving on them. That was probably the best part.

We ended up finishing Treyson's celebration with one of the biggest adventures/experiences yet. That afternoon we had an Eagle Court of Honor for Nyah's friend Trevor. Immediately following the Court of Honor, Blake and I were heading to attend a banquet in Nampa for work. Heart 'n Home was winning an award for Integrity Counts from the BBB. We were all dressed up and had put Trey in the car to head to have our friend Milly watch the kids. After we put Trey in the car seat and started to drive, he started screaming. I was driving and I asked Blake to check on him, but he was convinced that it was just normal screaming. (I tried to explain it wasn't, but Blake thinks screaming all sounds the same.) Anyway, we had about a 10-15 minute drive and he screamed the entire way. Lots of fun!

After we got there, I ran my hand over Treyson's head and noticed he had a big fluid bulge on the right side of his head. It was in the shape of a circle and about the size of an apple. The circle itself was about three fingers thick and was squishy, kind of like a water balloon or a blister. I know this may not be making much sense, but it was very wierd. Anyway, long story short we ended up heading to the emergency room rather than going to the banquet. It was a bit stressful. I sat in the back with Trey and tried to keep him awake. He was sooo sleepy and I couldn't tell if he was just tired or if he was lapsing into to unconciousness. Unnerved me a bit.

The ER even said it was extremely odd and kept asking if he had hit his head. He hadn't and I have no idea where it came from. We ended up doing a cat scan. Trey got mad, but we didn't have to sedate him, so that was good. He just screamed and squirmed a bit. The CT turned out fine and they sent us home. They just said to watch him. No one knows what it is, other than that it is unusual and out of the ordinary. I tried to take pictures of it, but it doesn't show up. There is no bruise, just the fluid. You will just have to take my word that it feels really wierd.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zoo Boise

The kids and I went to Zoo Boise on Saturday, September 19 when Blake was on his hunting trip. Zoo Boise isn't that big, but we still had a good time walking around seeing the animals and playing with the educational pieces. At first Nyah was really concerned that a number of the animals were all by themselves. We would see a monkey or something and she kept asking me, "Mom, where is his friend? He is sad, Mom. He needs his friend. Mom, where are his friends?" I kept telling her they were okay, but she was really concerned about the animals having friends. Finally we saw one monkey taking a nap and I was showing it to her and she told me that he was sad. "He is sad, Mom. He wants his friend." All of a sudden the monkey lifted its head and then another one lifted its head and we saw it was two monkeys taking a nap together. She was soooo happy. She got pretty excited and said, "look Mom! He is taking a nap with his friend!" Ahhh, my very sensitive, sweet, loving little girl. I like her . . . just a little. ;)

Treyson didn't really see much, but every now and then he would spot something, sit straight up in his stroller and yell and point. He loves being out and likes riding in his stroller. If you were to ask Nyah, she would tell you that we saw snakes, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, lions, pigs (warthogs), penguins, turtles, lots of birds, frogs, and bears. She would also tell you that she watched the penguins swim in the water and that one of them ate a fish. That the snake was really big and really scary. That the giraffe sticks its tongue out and tries to eat the leaves. And if you were on the phone, you wouldn't know it, but she would be showing you how it stretches its neck and she would stick out her tongue and say, "just like this." I know all of this, because I listened to her tell her Grandma on the phone. It was quite comical from my end and I loved watching her enthusiasm and excitement. She really had to call Grandma, because the last time she went to a zoo it was with Grandma and before we got there she made sure I knew that Grandma wasn't coming this time. Also, as soon as we got in the car to leave, she wanted to call Grandma and tell her all about it. Grandma loves talking to her on the phone and Nyah jabbers away, so it is good on both ends.

Both Nyah and Trey slept on the way down and on the way back, so it was a pretty peaceful ride for me. I just drove and listened to a book on tape. All in all, I would say it was a wonderful way to spend the day.

Here are some pictures of our adventure. After we got in the zoo I realized that I had left my camera in the car. Thank goodness I had my phone. The pictures might not be quite as good as my camera, but it worked!

Feeding the geese. They were quite friendly and a bit overwhelming. After we started feeding them about a dozen showed up and we had to get out of there because they were making Nyah nervous.

Nyah thought the penguins were pretty cool. Since we couldn't pet them, these substituted for the pictures!

Nyah and Treyson eating the rest of our lunch as we walked around the zoo.

Here is Nyah with her Muskrat ears.

Trey really liked being able to get out of the stroller and play on the toys that were there in the playground. Nyah played on the slides and we took a break from walking around.