Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zoe the Sled Dog

This summer Zoe became a sled dog. Blake showed Nyah how to hook her up to things and have her pull her and/or Trey around. It has been pretty funny and Nyah thinks it is great. It made me laugh and reminded me of the times that I did something very similar to my dogs and our goats when I was younger. My ropes were much more sophisticated (and, yes, I did tell Blake that his were kind of haphazhardly arranged), but theirs still worked. Blake had to coax her forward, but Zoe was a pretty good sport and Trey enjoyed the ride! The video is pretty long (and doesn't have sound), but it is humorous.

Snake River Stampede

Over the weekend of July 10th, we rode in the Snake River Stampede. Some friends of ours were participating and since we thought Nyah would enjoy the experience, we took them up on the invitation to join them! Nyah thought the wagon was pretty cool and even though it took her a while to warm up, she did eventually begin to wave at all of the people watching her. Treyson was a hit and he waved and smiled at everyone. It was a bit comical.

Before the parade ever started, Nyah was pretty excited about all of the horses that were there. This miniature horse in particular caught her attention and she kept telling me that he was hers and that she was going to take him home. He was so sweet and she sat and loved on him for at least 30 minutes before we even made it to the wagon.

Blake and Marlon unhitching Dean's team of Fjords.
(Yes, Nyah does believe that she is helping. Or maybe she is supervising?)

A couple of days after the parade, we actually attended the rodeo with our friends. Nyah thought it was pretty cool. The entire ride down she kept telling me that we were going to go see some bucking horses. I guess that is what you get for marrying a bronc rider. They teach your daughters to be excited about watching the bucking horses.

Between the pretzels, the cotton candy, the popcorn, the entertainment, and the company it was a lot of fun. It definitely kept Nyah's attention and I think Treyson enjoyed being along for the ride. I thought the rodeo was pretty good, but to be honest I was so busy talking and catching up with Kristen that I didn't watch very closely.