Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireworks, Family, and Fun over the Fourth!

We had the wonderful opportunity of spending this last 4th of July in Malad. Each of us came at different times and from different directions, but we did make it! I had been in Chicago Sunday through Thursday and flew back into Salt Lake City. Thanks to Barb and Ciera, I was able to meet Kathie in Tremonton. Dale and Kathie had already brought Nyah and Treyson down on Tuesday after a visit to help Blake while I was in Chicago. And finally, Blake drove down Thursday evening. It was good to be together again. I had missed them.

We had a wonderful time and were very busy. On Friday, the 3rd, we attended Blake's 15th class reunion in the afternoon. I don't think either Blake or I can believe that he graduated from high school 15 years ago. He enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and I found it quite interesting to meet them all and hear about so many of their accomplishments. There are some amazing individuals from Blake's class that spoke to us about overcoming some phenomenal personal trials - loss of limbs, children with autism, paralysis. They were very inspirational. Later that night, after a dinner with his class, we drove to Logan and watched their fireworks display with Kathie, Austin, Maysi, and the boys.

On the 4th, we went to the Malad parade. It was a lot of fun and Nyah loved the CANDY! She quickly got the hang of things and I felt like I was constantly yelling, "Nyah, get back. Stay out of the street. Please watch the cars. Nyah be careful." etc, etc, etc. Maestin, Addler, and Ruxton helped me keep her back and I regularly heard their statements of, "Nyah watch out for the cars. Nyah get out of the street." Several times I had to chase after her because she was following the same vehicle down the street to pick up their candy every time they threw it.

Nyah LOVES her cousins. She truly thinks they are the coolest people ever and I think they might like her just a little bit too. It is so funny to see my little girl tagging around with those boys and they are all so good to her. Here is Holden giving her a big kiss.

Nyah and the boys with their candy success! See how proud they are?

After the parade we had the experience of viewing the Malad Shoot Out, watching Sydney and the rest of the cheerleaders perform, watch a hypnotist, and play in the water and slip-n-slide back at Dale and Kathie's. That evening we set off some of our own fireworks, played with sparklers, and watched the Malad fireworks. I loved it!

It all passed way too quickly and we were home on Sunday evening. Nyah already misses her Grandma, Grandpa, and cousins and we feel so lucky to have spent the time with them.