Friday, June 26, 2009


Nyah has always loved hide-and-seek. When she was a little baby she loved peek-a-boo and as she got older Blake taught her to hide and he would go find her. Her common exclamation was "you found me!" He also taught her how to count to 10 by having her come find him. It has always been one of her favorite games.

Well, lately Nyah’s big thing has been that when Blake, or anyone else for that matter, comes home she hurries and hides. Sometimes she hides behind the table. Sometimes she hides underneath the rocking chair, sometimes she just hides behind me and covers her eyes. And she does this when she hears the garage door open and before he even walks through the door. Anyway, this was what happened today with me sitting on the couch and trying to work. All I did was listen, watch, and try not to laugh out loud.

When she heard Blake come home she hurried and hid under a blanket on the love seat, saying “hurry, hide. Hurry, hide” to me. Anyway, this is what happened when Blake came inside.

Blake: “Where’s Nyah?”

We hear this muffled little voice saying: “I don’t know.” (Mind you that this happened before I even had a chance to answer or point or indicate in any way that she was hiding. And 'I don't know' seems to be one of her favorite phrases lately, which made it even funnier.)

Blake: “You don’t know? Well, is she in the bedroom?”

Nyah: “Noooo.”

Blake: “Is she is the bathroom?”

Nyah: “Noooo.”

Blake: “Is she is her bedroom?

Nyah: “Noooo.”

Blake: “Is she outside?”

Nyah: “No.”

Blake: “Then where is she?”

Nyah: “On the couch?”

Blake: “She is on the couch? I don’t see her. All I see is a blanket. What couch?”

Nyah: “This one.”

Blake: “This one? I don’t see her. Maybe I should sit right here.” (with that he began to touch the blanket and pushing on it like he is trying to make it more comfortable)

Nyah: hysterical giggling.

Blake: “I think I need a blanket. I think I want this blanket.”

Nyah: more hysterical giggling as Blake picks up the blanket (and her in it).

Blake: “Oh! There you are! I was looking for you!"

Nyah: you guessed it - more hysterical giggling.

Yes, yes, that is the frequent happenings in our house. Thought you might enjoy. I certainly enjoyed watching it unfold!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day to Nyah and Treyson's favorite Dad! He is so amazing with them and they love to spend time with him. Every morning when Nyah wakes up, the first thing she says to me is, "Mom, I sleep good." (This comes from me always asking her is she slept good and now she just beats me to it.) And then she immediately asks me, "Where's Dad? At work?" or "fishing?" This shows that she knows him pretty well, don't you think? If he isn't here, he is either working or fishing. It is humorous, because she is always wondering where he is and when he will be back. He must be a pretty cool Dad for her to be keeping such close tabs on him. I also think I am pretty lucky to have him around. There aren't many dads that will take at least one full day a week to spend time watching and hanging out with their kids. He can play with them for hours (not that Nyah really gives him a choice). Of course sometime he has crazy ideas, which they love, but usually he just hangs out with them, reads to them, and does whatever they want to do. Here are just a few of my favorite photos that I have taken over the last couple of years of Blake with the kids.

From day one Nyah has loved her dad. She would take naps with him then, a year later, and still does today!

Nyah helping dad hold Trey when he was brand new!

Nyah also loves it when her dad reads to her and she can usually sucker him into three, four, five, ten, twenty books.

And she also loves to ride horses with him. Basically, she just thinks he is all around pretty cool.

Here Blake is with two of his favorite girls: Nyah and Zoe. (I personally think that deep down he really does like Zoe.)

Blake and his shadow at the lake.

Happy Father's Day Blake.
We love you and hope you had a wonderful day!

We also wish a Happy Father's Day to all those other dads out there and especially to my favorite dad and to Blake's favorite dad!
We love you both.

9 Months Old

I can't believe that Treyson turned 9 months old today! He is growing up so fact and is getting to be such a big "little man." He really is quite the little man (even Nyah calls him that) - and is ALL boy. He is getting closer and closer to walking every day. He has been pulling himself up and trying to walk around things for about a month now. I keep reminding him that he is just barely 9 months old and that he isn't old enough to do that, but he isn't listening. He is brave too. I know I keep saying it, but it truly amazes me at how different he is from Nyah. He has no fear.

Even though his legs don't have the balance and he really isn't quite ready to walk, it isn't from a lack of trying. He will try to get from the coffee table to my couch or from the book case to my legs if I am sitting on the ground. He has almost taken a few "real" steps, but not quite. I do, however, feel confident in claiming that he has taken some half steps. Is that a real thing? Half steps? Well, he will step forward, or at least 'dive' for something he wants and yes, usually he ends up face planting it on the floor. There have been a couple of times where we have succeeded in taking about one to two steps, but it is rare. We have taken quite a few tumbles and have the bumps and bruises to prove it, but it isn't stopping us and those legs are becoming more and more reliable! He also regularly pulls many things over on top of him. Just today he pulled himself up on the bar stool and was moving around it so much that he eventually pulled it over on top of him. I do have to say though that he is pretty tough. He only cries a little over half the time when he falls over or bumps his head. In the bar stool instance I believe it hurt a bit - since he screamed bloody murder! You may want to note the black eye. What am I going to do with him?

For the most part he is still a pretty happy little guy - as long as you are within sight, or at least someone is in eyesight. He is much higher maintenance than Nyah ever was and doesn't like to play by himself. However, that being said he is a good boy and I like him. At least a little! ;)

He is also a pretty good eater and will eat almost anything you put in front of him. However, he DOES NOT enjoy formula.

He does, however, LOVE to nurse. He is a biter though, which is not something I love. The worst part about it is that he thinks it is funny. I am telling the truth. He will bite me and then laugh or giggle. Apparently I am not getting mad enough when it happens, because he still does it. I am thinking that little devilish side comes from his father. Definitely not from his mother.

So far we are still pretty lucky that Nyah adores Treyson and he absolutely loves his big sister. Every now and then Nyah will walk into the room and inform me that I need to "come get my little brother" because he is getting in the way, but for the most part she loves having him around. As for Trey, he follows her everywhere. Especially if she is in the bathtub. He is constantly trying to get in with her and play in the water. The only problem is that he does NOT like to sit down and it is a constant struggle to keep him from trying to stand. Here is a great example of how unsuccessful I usually am.

He also gets into EVERYTHING and can be quite destructive. Just one more difference from Nyah. I think he really enjoys destroying things and ripping pages from books and being an all around boy. He also likes to put everything in his mouth. With his increased mobility that has been more difficult because Nyah likes to keep all of her books out as well as has stashes of money around the house and he is learning all of her hiding places. It is an adventure. Needless to say we never have a dull moment.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sandbox = Sand in House

Do you see the above angelic picture? Isn't she so sweet? Well, all sweetness aside. For all of you who are contemplating the thought of sandboxes for your children, please heed my warning: once you have a sandbox, you will have sand in your home. I don't care how sweet they are! ;)

Okay, so I know, I know. With children there is some expectation that they will bring dirt into our homes and that they may be generally dirty. I know some little girls are sweet and innocent and have no desire to be dirty. This is NOT the case with one little girl named Nyah. A while back I posted that she was digging in the area that I planned on putting my garden. Well, with spring and summer came planting and I had the brilliant idea that Blake should build Nyah a sandbox for her to play in.

It was quite the process and long story short is that four 8x10' boards and one ton (literally) later we have a sandbox in our back yard. Blake put it together and went and got the sand. We figured it would be around 80 plus bags, so he picked it up bulk in his truck. That was an experience in itself. Did you know that it is hard to gauge how much weight you have in your truck when they are dumping sand into the back of it via a tractor bucket? Well, it is. He wanted one ton and ended up with two, which was a bit more than our quarter ton truck cared to handle. It ended up fitting perfect though, so that was good. The sandbox itself is pretty big - about 7x7.

Following is a series of pictures that shows you how a majority of them time spent in the sandbox is conducted. Scoop, fill, pat, pour, pride in our accomplishment. Scoop, fill, pat, pour, pride in our accomplishment. Yes, hours and hours of fun!

And yes, Zoe likes the sandbox too. In fact, sometimes she will just lay there and let Nyah pour dirt on top of her. At other times she also digs with Nyah.

Anyway, Nyah LOVES it!!! She thought it was cool when he was putting it together and loves it even more now that it has sand in it. Every chance she gets she is sneaking out back to play in the sandbox and with that comes her tracking sand into my home and throwing it all over the back yard and into the grass and carrying buckets over and dumping it on the cement and did I mention tracking it into my home. At first she was taking about six or seven baths a day. I swear that as soon as I would get her clean she would be right back outside, in the sandbox and then wanting to come back inside, tracking it all over again. I would say that finally the novelty is wearing off since we are back to just one bath a day, however just the other day she brought me a handful of sand, saying, "Look Mom! Sand!" And yes, I was in the living room at the time. Maybe it isn't the novelty that is wearing off, but the fact that the mother has given up fighting over it and is just trying to vacuum and sweep more often. And of course trying to get her to brush off before she enters. Good luck with that!