Monday, April 20, 2009

Mr. Tom Turkey

Last week Blake took a friend and his 11 year old son turkey hunting for a couple of days. It was Kenny's first time hunting turkeys and they asked Blake to take them. Unfortunately Kenny wasn't successful, but Blake's trip on his own the following day allowed him to "provide for the family" as he so commonly puts it. That is his excuse for "needing" to go hunting anyway. Interestingly, his wife (that would be me) isn't a huge fan of the "food" that he brings home, but whatever floats his boat.

I hadn't talked to Blake, but knew of his success when I came home and the tail feathers were covered in borax and sitting eye level right there in my garage when I opened my car door. It was pretty hard for me to miss. Yum, yum. I don't know much about turkeys and what constitutes a "nice" one, but Blake informs me his 6 inch beard is just an average two year old tom. I, personally, think that this one has the nicest tail feathers of any of the others he has brought home, but apparently that really isn't a big deal. Who knew?

It is amazing how much meat is on a turkey. Blake just brought home the breasts, but it was a lot to eat! As I already said, I am not a huge fan, but did try some and no, I am still not a huge fan. Blake marinated the breasts and cooked them on the grill. Nyah thought it was great and Blake loved it too. In fact, he informed me that my distaste for the game he brings home is one of the things he would change about me. I am sure that it is a very, very short list (the things he would change about me), but it did make it. ;)

Okay, so it seems that I am rambling and I should probably sign off. However, if anyone has an intense desire to go hunting or fishing, I am sure I can find you a guide!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mobile Little Man Version 2

I mentioned Treyson and his scooting around. Well, he is getting faster every day. I took a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. They don't have sound, but it gives you an idea of how close he is to crawling. He just scoots or army crawls all around my living room. AND, he is usually yelling as loud as he possibly can. Not upset yelling. Just "I have a voice and would like everyone to hear it" yelling. I know you are probably wondering if my house is ever quiet. The answer is rarely and only when both Nyah and Trey are asleep. To be honest, I am a bit nervous for what is to come!

Happy Easter

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday! We had a lovely time and I personally enjoyed being with Nyah and watching her excitement throughout all of the festivities. We didn't end up going to a community Easter Egg hunt, but attended a 4-H horse show instead. Which I think in Nyah's mind was probably just about as good. She liked being around the horses and both Nyah and Trey enjoyed being outside.

Since we didn't have an Easter Basket, my mom suggested we make her one out of an ice cream bucket. Yes, it was made by me, myself, and I. Nyah tried to help a bit, but she really just managed to make a mess. Anyway, here it is and yes, I know it is not ugly, but I am not really convinced that it is 'cute' either. However, it did work fabulously for what we needed it to do!

Nyah really enjoyed coloring her Easter eggs. It was quite hilarious since she would yell, "I DID IT!!!" at the top of her lungs every time she dropped an egg into the coloring. Our coloring kit also came with stickers so you could create faces on the eggs. She loved the stickers and had to put them all on. It was almost as fun as coloring the eggs. Here are some photos that will give you just a piece of our adventure.

And here is the finished product! Aren't they just so cute? Oh! And Nyah too. :-)

That night, as she got ready for bed we talked about the Easter Bunny coming and she was pretty excited. That morning she was pretty excited and asked if the Easter Bunny had come, but I am not sure she really understood the concept of 'looking for eggs.' She was easily distracted and we had to keep encouraging her to look around. She had fun though and her excitement is contagious. Off course, we experienced yelling again after she found each egg and exclaiming, "I FOUND IT! YEAH!" at the top of her lungs.

And Treyson's participation in the festivities was trying to get a hold of the eggs that were left on the floor. Just in case you did not know, if you suck on an egg that has been colored, the coloring does come off and ends up all over your face. Just a warning for those of you who always wanted to try it. Yes, the egg was blue.

And of course, after it was all over, Nyah just loves, loves, loves candy, so she was happy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mork and Mindy, Peeps, and Other Such Stuff

Okay, so when Nana, Papa Bud, and Kristi Dawn were here, we began naming Nyah's stuffed animals and dolls. Nana kept asking Nyah what things were named and I proceeded to tell her that Nyah doesn't really care about naming things. Later that day, Nana told Nyah that the stick horse she was riding was Clipper (yes, after the ever famous Clipper and since it is my stick horse that I used during the Lion's Dixie Round Up Children's Parade, I thought it was fitting). Anyway, the next day Nyah, riding her stick horse, went into Nana's room and proudly proclaimed, "My horse's name is Clipper." Well, so much for my theory that she doesn't care to name things. Apparently it has been her mother's fault all along and she has been depriving her child of naming her toys all this time. I don't know who her mother is, but someone should have a talk with her.
So, while Nana and Kristi Dawn were here, we brainstormed some ideas for names for the Sock Monkeys that Nana made this last Christmas. Nyah has no idea who Mork and Mindy are (and to be honest, I don't believe I have ever watched an episode), but she loves the names. She picked up on them quite quickly and even though Mork really belongs to Treyson, she claims him most of the time. As for Trey, he still doesn't care about names. Here he is with Mork a couple of months ago. His only wish is that they taste good and are fun to put in your mouth. This is a great example of how he treats all of his toys, or for that matter anything left on the floor. He promptly puts it in his mouth. ;)

So after Nana's visit, we have proceeded to name almost every one of Nyah's dolls and stuffed animals. It is also random when she decided that it is important for "this" or "that" doll to have a name and it is very entertaining. For example, she brought her doll to me the other day, asking, "Mom, what is my doll's name?" I of course asked her and said, "I don't know, what is your doll's name?" When she says she doesn't know, it has been quite comical as I give her lots of suggestions of common names off the Internet until she finally hears one she likes. There is lots of, "No that is not her name, no that is not her name, etc." with an eventual, "Yes her name is . . . " I just love it! So, we now have a Julie and a Emma that have joined us. We also have a Burt (dog), Tad (frog), and Kenai (bear). The bear she came up with completely and totally on her own. After watching Brother Bear she informed me that was her bear's name. I thought about including pictures of each of them, but figured that might be a bit of overkill!

Okay, so one more story about Nyah. When Nana was here, she felt it was very important that Nyah have some peeps for Easter. I personally, don't care for peeps. I am not a huge marshmallow fan and therefore had no plan to give them to Nyah. The comical part is that Nyah thought they were cool and wanted to carry them all around the store. However, after we brought them home she wanted nothing to do with them and was actually a bit freaked out by the fact that we were eating the baby ducks. She would cry and then would not touch them. Here are a few photos of Nana and Kristi Dawn trying to convince her that they are okay. The look on her face and her body language in these photos is hilarious, because I really think that she didn't believe what they were saying. All I can figure is that she originally thought they were "real" baby ducks. We would talk to her and calm her down, but then we would get to laughing so hard because she was looking at us all like we were crazy and telling us, "No, no, no. I don't want it. Don't eat it." And then if you would eat it she would look at you like, did you really just eat that? I really don't know what the deal was, other than extremely funny. She did eventually touch them and even tried one (once it was pulled apart), but they are definitely not on her top ten list of best things to eat!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mobile Little Man

I know I keep saying that Treyson is growing like a weed, but he really is . . . growing like a weed. Last Monday we had another well-child doctor's visit. He is now 17 pounds (gained a pound from last month) and is no longer a stationary child. Dr. Gering asked me, "Can he roll over both directions?" And I started laughing and said, "yes, I do believe he has that one covered since he can literally flip himself over and over to cross the room." He is soooo close to crawling. He pushes his knees up underneath him and launches himself forward to get to where he wants. He also gets his knees up underneath him and does the rocking thing. Like I said, so close, just not quite yet. Do you think if I used duct tape and taped him down to the floor it would help him stay little? Okay, for anyone who reads this and thinks I am serious, I am not, it was a joke. But I am serious about being a bit sad that my little man is growing up so fast. Here he is getting to Zoe. Which yes, like Nyah, he loves Zoe. He also loves Zoe's mat and is regularly heading that direction. Good thing Zoe likes him too.
And last, but not least, I am putting Treyson in the jumper we used when I was a little girl and HE LOVES IT! The first time I put Nyah in this she was a bit nervous and didn't want to be in it very long. Trey on the other hand, was in it for 45 minutes just jumping around and smiling. He really just wants to move around and unless he is tired and wanting to cuddle he would like to be put down and able to move. Sometimes if you are holding him and he is wanting to play, he is so squirmy and fidgety that it is hard to keep a hold of him. It amazes me how much he moves like he did when I was pregnant. I had 9 months of him being extremely active in the tummy, so I should have been prepared, right?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Diggin' Holes

So, Nyah's new thing lately is digging holes in my garden spot. Last Saturday she ended up taking four baths because she kept disappearing and reappearing covered in dirt. Of course she manages to track dirt all over my just swept and mopped floors. Ahhh, the joys of being two years old! The exciting part about this is that she is teaching Zoe to dig holes too. She went out back to play and when I walked outside 15 minutes later she was smiling widely, holding her "shovel" (my gardening spade), covered head to toe in dirt, and had Zoe digging furiously right beside her (but stopping immediately when I walked out and managing to look completely innocent). Here are the fruits of their labors:

I am not sure if you can tell, but she has a fine layer of dust all over her face, in her ears, under her fingernails . . . She loves it!

More Fishing . . . with Matt and Clint

We have enjoyed having family come and visit, which of course gives Blake an excuse to go fishing. He is becoming a regular fishing guide. AND I think he is getting better at it, since every time he goes there are more and more fish brought home. All I can say is that at least he is enjoying himself. Like I said, all he needs is an excuse to go. Matt and Clint were up this last weekend. They went to Riggins on Friday (Blake caught 3 and Matt caught 2) and Grangeville on Saturday (landed 1, with multiple fish that broke their lines and got away). Ahh, how sad. Clint fought one monster of a fish for quite a while, but it eventually broke his line. They all claimed to having a great time, but to be honest, I don't see how getting up at the crack of dawn, freezing your buttocks off all day, and getting home way past dark is fun. Whatever floats your boat, right? Well, here are some photos to entertain . . .

And I had to finish the post off with this picture. Personally I thinks it looks like Matt and Clint are dancing. Maybe the happy "I caught some fish" dance? Or maybe even a "we got to come visit Blake, Tina, Nyah, and Treyson" dance? Okay, really they just dropped one of the fish they caught. Maybe. But it could be the dance.