Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Fishing Trip

Dale and Sidney came to visit us the other weekend. Dale went fishing with Blake and Sidney stayed back to hang out with Nyah and Treyson. They didn't stay long. And it wasn't too exciting, in fact probably quite boring, for Sid, but luckily Dale and Blake caught a couple of fish.

Nana & Papa Bud

Nana and Papa Bud came to visit this last week and we had sooooo much fun having them here. Nyah and Treyson especially enjoyed having all of the attention. It was nice spending time together. Kristi Dawn came to visit too, it just took her about 56 hours to get here. We were wondering if she really wanted to come, since she managed to avoid getting on a plane and spent two nights in the Cincinatti airport in an effort to spend as little time as possible with us. (okay, please imagine sarcasm) She did however, finally get here and we at least got her for a couple of days.

While they were here, Blake took my dad coyote hunting and steelhead fishing. As you can see, they were successful. However, it was just my dad that caught the two fish. Blake, "the guide" got skunked!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I just wanted to share some pictures of my little lion. As you can see - his toes are pretty tasty!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cousins Galore!

This past weekend we got to go visit family! It was a lot of driving and not nearly enough time, but we enjoyed being able to see everyone. First to Malad to see Grandma and Grandpa Tubbs, cousins and Great Grandma and Grandpa. Next to Bountiful for more cousins. And finally to West Jordan to see Aunt Wendy and Uncle Shane. We couldn't believe it, but it has been 5 months, almost to the day, since the last time we drove down. In fact, it was just after Treyson was born. It is crazy how time flies. We had a great time. Nyah really loved all of the attention and was glad to hang out with all of her cousins.

Here is a picture of some of the Malad crew: Ruxton, Treyson, Addler, Holden, Nyah, and Maestin. Nyah had a great time playing with the boys and it cracked me up to hear her yelling, "Hey Rux, come on Rux, over here Rux." They are all so great with her and she loved following them around and, as I said, having lots of attention.

Treyson also loved the attention, although he promptly spit up all over everyone and anyone who picked him up. Just ask Brittney, Sidney, Deniece, Maysi, the boys, Barb, Andee, Jes, Guns, Shane, Wendy . . . (Did I miss anyone that had the privilege of being plastered in curdled milk?). I swear that he threw up 1500 times this weekend and I promise, it usually isn't that bad! However, it must have really worn him out. Here he is oblivious to the world!

Here is the Bountiful crew. Nyah was so excited to see Gunner. And in regards to Bella, well she didn't love taking pictures, but she DEFINITELY was excited about "baby" Trey. Here are some of our adventures in taking pictures. We did get a few that actually captured them all in the same area. It was hard to keep the three young ones in the picture frame!

As usual, Blake was connived into reading a book. Nyah is good at that and here Bella got in on the action! And the picture below DOES NOT do Jessie's belly ANY justice, but here it is. Side Note: She really can't hid the fact that is prego.

While we were out, we also had the excitement of seeing Uncle Shane and Aunt Wendy's new home. Well, sort of new. It only took us 5 months to go see it! It was beautiful and we were so glad we got to see them and their new "adoption" Max. Nyah loved Max and, as you can see, was quite comfy sitting on Uncle Shane's lap.

All in all, it was a great weekend. We wish we would have had more time, but loved seeing everyone with the time we did have (even the many that are not pictured)! And there are quite a few. ;) We miss you all.

Giddy Up

Last weekend the weather was beautiful and so Nyah and I decided to go for a ride. Thank goodness Blake's friend Dwayne is so generous in allowing us to use his horses. He has an old mare that is great with kids. Her name is Megan and Nyah would tell me she was riding Megan and would ask what all of the other horses' names were. Unfortunately I didn't know, but that didn't seem to phase her much. We had a great time and I am afraid it has only reinforced Nyah's idea that she needs a horse. The other day we were driving down the road and she randomly said (in the sweetest and most pleading voice possible), "Daddy, I want a horse, please." In fact is was almost sad because she was she was so serious. "Please Daddy. Please, I want a horse. Daddy, I want a horse please." At first I wanted to laugh, but I didn't because she was so sincere . . . and close to crying. Not the screaming miserable crying that drives you crazy, but the crying that makes you sad. When I looked at Blake all he did was shake his head and say he would make arrangements for us to go ride - and here we are.

Well, here she is on a horse. And it is one that her Dad is quite happy with, because he doesn't have to feed it! :oP The saddle she is riding in was mine as a little girl. She loves it and other than the stirrups being too long, it fits just perfect.