Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blake Went Fishing

I know, I know. You are all so shocked that Blake went fishing yesterday, but he did. Actually this is about the 500th trip this year and the 10th Steelhead that he has caught in the last month. Okay, so he really hasn't gone 500 times this year, but he has been gone plenty. In fact (since I tracked it because he didn't believe me that he went very often), he has gone hunting and fishing over 40 days in 2008. Although he claims that still isn't enough. As to the fish - he really has caught 10 in the last month and I have more fish than I know what to do with. Especially since it takes our little family about 6 meals to eat just half of one.

Nyah didn't really know what to think about the fish. In fact, at first she did not want to be anywhere close to it. However, we wanted you to see how big it was and forced her to stand by it. After about the third or fourth picture I did finally get her to smile. Hopefully she isn't scarred for life!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nyah and Treyson

So, I tried to take pictures of Nyah and Treyson on my own. WHAT A DISASTER! First of all, Nyah hated putting on her dress and then she didn't want to sit still. I finally managed to get a couple of them each individually, but together was a mess. Nyah got upset. Screamed. Cried. Threw a total tantrum and absolutely refused to hold Trey. She would push him away, I would get upset, and in the end - no pictures that I liked. Looking back it is somewhat funny, but at the time, I was a tad bit frustrated. The weirdest part is that usually she LOVES to hold her brother and is constantly asking to hold him. Oh well. Tell me what you think. At least I got some of them on their own.

Trey is just starting to smile, and yes, he is putting on weight. Although I think he looks chubbier here than he does in person.

Yes - this is what it was like most of the time. Ahh, the insanity! What a difference from above.

Merry Christmas!

Believe it or not, Santa did make it to the Tubbs household. Nyah woke up early and walked past everything and didn't even notice. As she crawled into our bed at 7:00, I asked her if she thought Santa had come and she simply said, "No." To be honest, I am not really sure that she completely gets the whole Santa thing. And as to Treyson . . . he has no clue and really doesn't care. I do have to say that Nyah was pretty excited about all of the gifts. She opened her presents, Trey's presents, and both Blake and my presents. She loved it. Her favorite was the baby that Santa brought and was also pretty jazzed about the carrier that came with it. She kept telling me that it was her baby's car seat. She thought that baby was the best thing in the world, at least until she got the sock monkey from Nana and then she was more excited about that. She also thought that opening the presents was pretty fun. It took us quite a while to get through them, just because we had to stop and play with each one after we opened it. She also got a lot of books, bath toys, a puzzle, etc. . . and they were each followed by squeals of laughter as she opened them. It was quite comical. Also, prior to Christmas I had to fight with her to take a bath and already today she has asked three times to take a bath and play with her ducks. She cracks me up.

As you can see, Nyah had a great Christmas. Here she is with her "haul. "

Can you see Trey? He tends to blend in a bit. The monkey is as big as he is! Obviously he was pretty happy with his Christmas as well.

Happy Halloween

This was actually the first year that Nyah has dressed up for Halloween. I was in Paris for her first Halloween, so this was a fun experience for us. We went to a Trunk or Treat at our Church, which was an easy way to get a ton of candy. Nyah loved it! She didn't quite get the "Trick or Treat" down, but she definitely understood that if you hold your bag up and smile, people give you candy. And candy is a word she definitely has down. It is not an understatement to say that she loves candy and loves chocolate.

Nyah was a fairy and Treyson was a horse.

This is a very typical mischievous look that Nyah often gets.
I am so impressed that I actually got it on film.

She loved her hat and had a hard time keeping her hands off of it.

Isn't she just cute as a button?

Trey was so snuggly warm that he slept pretty much the entire time.